Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tell Amazon: Books and Libraries Shouldn't Have a Kill Switch

Imagine if you came home and discovered all of your bookshelves ransacked, their contents nowhere to be found. That's what happened to Amazon customer Linn, but the bookshelves were digital. Three years ago, Amazon showed the world that they have the power to delete copies of books from readers' Kindles en masse, and now they are finally taking heat for exerting this power over readers' entire libraries. DRM is a big part of the reason why Amazon has this kind of control.
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When we posted this story about Amazon's ability to remotely destroy copies of books, we generated a lot of interest in this issue across various websites from Reddit to Kindle reviews on Amazon.
Please help us keep the pressure on Amazon to drop DRM!
We need to flood Amazon with an outpouring of condemnation against this kind of control over the media in our lives. Join us in telling Amazon that maintaining the power to remotely destroy or block access to books is unacceptable.

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